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Empowering Education with AI driven technology

Empowering education with AI-driven technology, our platform revolutionizes learning by tailoring content and resources to individual students’ needs. Through personalized learning paths, adaptive assessments, and data analytics, we optimize the learning experience, fostering engagement and academic success. With SUMS ERP, we’re shaping the future of education, one student at a time.

100% Customers Satisfaction

Highest customer satisfaction rate. because of UI/UX, non technical person can easily understand software.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

By using high quality technologies, SUMS is providing quality product in any circumstances.


Our Purpose is To Deliver Excellence in Service and Execution

SUMS ERP offers a multifaceted suite of services designed to revolutionize educational management. From streamlining administrative tasks like enrollment and grading to fostering collaborative learning environments through advanced AI integration, SUMS caters to the diverse needs of educational institutions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics, SUMS empowers educators to personalize learning experiences, optimize teaching methodologies, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

AI Driven LMS

Transforming education with AI-driven learning.

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Cognitive AI

Unlocking personalized learning experiences.

digital education

Digital Education

Transforming education through digital innovation.


Predictive Analysis

Harnessing data to anticipate future trends and outcomes.

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Get Closer Look How AI Can Change Learning Path Ways

SUMS incorporates cutting-edge AI technology to personalize learning experiences and optimize educational processes.


Explore Our Case Studies

Robot Technology

SUMS addresses the challenges faced by educational institutions

User Research

HCN to leverage technology for enhanced productivity

Machine Learning

Empowers universities to modernize their quality assurance processes.

Data Science

Streamlining Cumulative Evaluation Reports for Universities

Artificial Intelligence

Digitalizing Medium-Scale Universities with SUMS ERP

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Digital Fee Payment Solution for Students


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Frequently Asked Questions

Educational institutions need SUMS to streamline their administrative processes, enhance collaboration among stakeholders, and improve the overall learning experience for students.

SUMS empowers faculty members by automating administrative tasks, providing data-driven insights into student performance, and facilitating collaboration through integrated communication tools.

SUMS offers students a personalized learning experience, access to digital resources, and convenient tools for communication and collaboration with peers and instructors.

SUMS enables institutions to optimize resource allocation, improve decision-making through data analytics, and enhance operational efficiency by automating routine tasks.

SUMS stands out for its AI-driven features, seamless integration capabilities, user-friendly interface, and commitment to addressing the unique needs of educational institutions.

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    Empowering education with AI-driven technology, our platform revolutionizes learning by tailoring content and resources to individual students’ needs.